Objectives of the committee

  • The committee pursues the objective of further developing interprofessional undergraduate education, training and higher education as well as interprofessional cooperation in the health care system. The committee takes current findings into account and aims to set impulses for national and international developments. Comprehensive health and education-related discussions are the foundation for these advances.
  • The Committee on interprofessional training of the health professions invites experts from the health care professions (diagnostic technology, midwives, medicine, nursing and therapy) from German-speaking countries who deal with the topic of interprofessional training and cooperation to participate in the work of the committee.
  • The committee's work is based our position paper drawn up to promote interprofessional training in the health care professions in the German speaking countries taking international considerations into account.
  • The committee is currently pursuing the goal of developing a guideline for the accreditation and evaluation of interprofessional teaching.

Current projects

The committee is made up of four working groups, each of which has a division of labour in pursuit of the above objective:

  • working group teaching/learning evaluation
  • working group on competencies for interprofessional teaching
  • working group for identification of significant interprofessional interactions in teaching and practice
  • working group criteria for accreditation

The results of all working groups are compiled and discussed biannually at a joint meeting, and the next steps towards achieving the goal are agreed upon. The individual working groups meet in independent consultation.